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Next Event: Austin City Limits Music Festival

Sept. 30th-Oct 2nd 2016

Oct. 7th-9th 2016


Austin Kiddie Limits

Sep. 30th- Oct 2nd 2016

Oct. 7th-9th 2016


Snowie is honored to serve all-natural and Traditional fruit flavors over sno-balls for our junior concert fans this year.  Please join us at Austin Kiddie Limits to cool off and refresh and enjoy your 'taste' for good fun and great music.

Come enjoy the taste of Snowie Shaved Ice while enjoying your Austin summer experience. The heart of Snowie’s menu, a “Keep Austin Cool” inspiration, has a world famous, shaved, fluffy snowball that is generously layered with one of more than 91 of our tasty flavors.

Every Snowie is a special treat that delivers an entirely unique experience. Our original all-natural fruity  creations explode with unstoppable flavor. The experience not only compliments your taste buds but also your inner spirit, style, and those quality moments you most cherish in life. Try us once and we’ll show you how to soak in the the coolest part of the Austin summer.

In addition to our traditional flavors, Snowie Shaved Ice offers you our proprietary all natural and organic mixed flavors .

We’re committed to using only the freshest and finest ingredients.   We use only the highest quality and all-natural products such as unfiltered pure-cane sugar and fair-trade and hand picked fruit.  After just one bite, you'll understand why our guests keep coming back for more.


We work closely to detail to create and design our signature all natural shaved ice. If it's a custom creation you need, then we’re your one stop shop for creative ideas.




Austins Original All Natural Shaved Ice


Austin City Limits Music Festival

Sept 30th-Oct  2nd

Oct. 7th-9th 2016


Nov. 5-6th 2016 Texas Book Festival at State Capital


September 18th Austin Museum Day!!


Hill Elementary Sock Hop Sept. 23rd 4-8


Gullett Elementary 60 Year Anniversary and Carnival

Sept. 24th (Funnel Cakes & Lemonade)







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